Security is our top priority.

In an online world where countless data is exchanged, it is of the upmost importance to depend on reliable security mechanisms. EEVEE only uses encryption keys and anonymous data processing to ensure the security of your personal data. With respect for privacy, of course. Our native app is compliant to Apple and Google’s latest guidelines, which means EEVEE has passed extensive security reviews. Your data is our concern, so we rather not take any chances.

How we use the
data of your car?

In order to log the charging data of your electric vehicle, we connect online with your car. By registering through the app, the supplier of your EV provides us with an API-token that gives us access to the data of your vehicle. This token can be revoked at any time by you - by changing your password for instance.

Your credentials are never stored on a server (not even temporarily), which prevents third parties without permission from accessing your data. You retain full control at all times.

How we use your personal data?

EEVEE only uses encrypted and anonymised personal data, in accordance with the GDPR legislation. With respect for privacy, we will never share personal information with third parties without your explicit consent.

What will your data be used for?
Data analysis
Personal advice regarding your charging
Customer management
Provision of information

Rest assured, both your personal data
and the data from your EV are safe and sound.

Still have questions regarding our security policy? Read our privacy policy here or contact us via the button below.

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